Female Funders: The Change Makers - Top 40

Meet the Female Funders Top 40 Change Makers of 2015! Women helping to change the ratio and bring more women into the fields of investment, entrepreneurship and technology.

Elizabeth Galbut
and Pocket Sun

Founder, SoGal Ventures

@design4innov8 @pocketysun

Photo credit: SoGal

Born and raised in China, Pocket Sun (@pocketysun) came to LA for her master's degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Never did she plan on becoming an entrepreneur at 23, but she quickly realized that gender disparity is a huge issue. She felt compelled to change the status quo and disrupt the boys' club. And that's exactly what she did. SoGal was born - a platform that empowers emerging entrepreneurs to succeed, and a community that unites global young founders to change the world. Starting from the first event on November 5, 2014, SoGal has been relentlessly bringing new ideas to life and supporting great startups. In just four months, our first conference SoGal Summit attracted 500+ diverse leaders, making it one of the largest (and we think the most awesome) celebrations of diversity in entrepreneurship in Southern California. Many attendees said it was "a phenomenal success", "life-changing" and "one of the best conferences" they have ever attended.

Elizabeth Galbut (@design4innov8) is currently leading the creation of two venture firms: A-Level Capital, a student-led venture capital firm to support the Johns Hopkins University community, and SoGal Ventures, a venture capital firm that supports diverse founding teams. Bridges design thinking with traditional strategic management to drive innovation of products and services within start-up ventures. Successfully co-founded and managed a variety of corporate initiatives, non-profits, and student organizations. Recognized for positive leadership approach, team-oriented management style, and commitment to mentoring and development.