Linkedin's Top 10 Voices in VC & Entrepreneurship 2015 - Pocket Sun, Founding Partner of SoGal Ventures

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Pocket Sun, Founding partner, SoGal Ventures

  • What she covers: “I write about my interviews with venture capitalists all over the world, my views on women empowerment, and my experience in business and entrepreneurship.”
  • Post she’s proudest of:  A 24 y/o Female Venture Capitalist’s Advice to Entrepreneurs
  • Why she likes it: “This post is about what I learned in the past year and what transformed my life's path. It's valuable advice for any dreamer and doer.”
  • Favorite comment: "No reason to restrict this to young females. It is equally good advice to old men (like me), and for everyone else too." — David Dodds
  • Why that one stuck out: “It made me realize that knowing your self-worth and being your own hero are universally good advice for anyone.”

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